5x12 pentomino tiling

New Broadcasting House


Apparently we're not allowed to call this "New" Broadcasting House, it's just the latest bit of Broadcasting House, "the conservatory" was suggested by some BBC wag on the radio. Whatever, it is completely stunning at night. As I stopped to take this picture with my phone there was someone standing next to me doing exactly the same thing. Are you surprised?

Tags: architecture, photos Written 29/11/12
File Name:new_bh.jpg
File Size:315KB
Date/Time Taken:2012-11-28 17:55:27
Exposure Time:1/15s
F Number:f/2.8
Focal Length:4mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:30mm
Location*:0° 8' 33" W,   51° 30' 58" N

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