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B&W in the Park #3


I took another shot at the memorial and today, having picked up a better gimp script from Beth's collection1, I ran in through Ilford XP2 Super with a red filter and dropped the gamma 10% (all options on this script so you can do it in one hit, neat).

  1. I tracked it down on the Web afterwards, it's Serge Mankovski B/W Film Simulation and it's on GitHub if you want to try it yourself. It's GPL 2.0.

Tags: country park, photos Written 08/02/14
File Name:20140207-03.jpg
File Size:4367KB
Date/Time Taken:2014-02-07 15:47:00
Exposure Time:1/320s
F Number:f/4.5
Focal Length:39mm
Focal Length In 35mm Film:57mm
Location:0° 9' 57.13" E,   52° 14' 9.74" N

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