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50 at 50

In 2010 to celebrate my 50th birthday in July I'm doing 50 of various things and I'm blogging about it as I go.

Paul ... is in Chester waiting for his train to depart for Conwy #boat
02/03/11 at 3:24pm (via twitter)
Paul ... Cool mirror #boat [photo]
02/03/11 at 11:36am (via twitter)
Paul ... Waterbeach #boat [photo]
02/03/11 at 11:30am (via twitter)
Paul ... weighs 15st 5.6lb ... which is first time I've been below 15.5st in a *long* time [link]
20/10/10 at 9:27am (via twitter)
Written 30/09/10

You can blame my old mate David for this trip. When I first suggested on Facebook that I might do the 50at50 train thing he wrote "I'll come with you to my home town Derry from Belfast just name the date" and pointed me to this page which describes the journey across Northern Ireland.  read more ...

Paul ... weighs under 220lb again and seems to be back on track
18/09/10 at 10:28am (via twitter)
Written 09/09/10

This trip combined two festivals: the Edinburgh Fringe and Shetland's film and book festivals ScreenPlay and WordPlay.

Getting to Edinburgh from here is always a pleasure: local train to Ely, another to Peterborough, then onto the east coast main line and a pleasant journey in first class to Edinburgh Waverley.  read more ...

Paul ... is on the last train of this epic trip. Will be home in time for lunch
08/09/10 at 9:10am (via twitter)
Paul ... has found a restaurant in Lerwick with more than one customer. That'll do nicely. So it's Nepaleze tonight. Review later.
01/09/10 at 6:43pm (via twitter)
Paul ... is leaving Aberdeen [photo]
31/08/10 at 5:03pm (via twitter)

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