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Surprisingly Fast Weight Loss


Well only a week after I started the new eating regime to lose 50lb at 50 and I'm 5lb down from my peak 250lb, which is ... a little worrying as my plan expected me to have lost only 1lb by now.

On top of that I only stopped drinking milk, which is almost a third of the plan, yesterday and I've not stopped butter yet (as I'm using up the remaining stock in the fridge first).

It's certainly true my weight tends to "jitter" quite a lot, and although I weigh myself in the same state at the same time of day my weight can vary by 2-3lb but that's not what's been happening here: thus far every time I've weighed myself my weight has dropped.

You'll remember I was pretty conservative in my estimate of how many biscuits I was eating (I've has precisely five since I started, to finish the last pack) and I didn't factor pudding into the plan as I had no real feel for how many calories they were or how often we were having them so perhaps I underestimated that. But even so.

Anyway fingers crossed.

Written 17/01/10

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