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23/365 - Lichen

The lichen in Kingsteps Quarry just below our house is just gorgeous close up.


21/365 - On East Beach

We wandered down to Nairn East Beach this afternoon with the dogs. Another lovely sunny day, although a lot colder with frost on the sand(!) but no wind so you didn't really feel it in the sun.


20a/365 - Dusk over Nairn

Having taken my photo of the day I was closing the blinds of the sun room and saw this so an extra bonus photo today.


20/365 - Across the Moray

A busy day today but it was so nice that I took time out to walk down to the beach with Jack and sat in the sun while I took this in very clear air. North Sutor opposite is about nine miles away and Petroatlantic is about half way across. As you can see the Moray is pretty much flat calm.  read more ...

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