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Facebook Again


You'll have to excuse me if this is quick but I'm tired and it's going to be a long day tomorrow but here's yet another blog posting about Facebook1 which I think is rather well argued. His opening proposition is that:

Facebook is what happens to the Web when you hit it with the stupid stick. It's a dumbed-down version of the functionality the Web already had, just not all in one place at one time.

And I think he's on the money there. Although it's not just Facebook that are playing this game: Google are trying to cobble together a collection of technologies to get to the same result. Admittedly they're making a better fist of it that Facebook and their APIs do give you more opportunities to link them to other applications but in my limited experience it's flaky at best.

Anyway, "boing," said Zebedee "it's time for bed".

  1. Thank to Jón for the heads up on this one.

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