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Last weekend, being our birthday weekend, saw me heading south to Cambridge and then afterwards on to Hampshire to see the family. ...  read more ...


Only days after the rather unfortunate incident where the Grade II listed cottage opposite our house was hit by our neighbour comes news that All Saints', the parish church of Fleet in Hampshire where I grew up and where I worshipped and, latterly, took communion most Sundays was torched by a 16 year old two weeks ago.  read more ...


On the down side I had a humdinger of a migraine this morning which neither Maxalt nor paracetamol fixed. I ended up on the sofa all morning ...  read more ...


Chris and Sarah are back from America (briefly) and are coming to see us tomorrow. Hurrah!  read more ...


I heard today that one of my favourite teachers died yesterday. In the course of a school life you have lots of teachers and only a few will stand out...  read more ...

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The Scottish Clearances: A History of the Dispossessed, 1600-1900 by T. M. Devine Effie's War by Philip Paris

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