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I chanced upon an interesting blog post from Alec Muffett last night, he was pointing out pointing out that the draft operative provisions for a Royal Charter for a Recognition Panel to govern the press will, as drafted, affect everyone who posts in the UK.  read more ...


As we lurch into week two this blogging every day thing is not going well as I've not a lot to say. It's been one of those days though: my brain's been out to lunch for a lot of it and I've been desperately trying to get some things done (with some success, although neither of the main tasks are finished). Let's hope I do better tomorrow, both here and in RL.


I've already talked about why I'm blogging again but it's interesting as I re-read 2008 to see what's changed and what lessons I can learn.  read more ...


If you've been this way before you may remember that five years ago in 2008 I blogged every day for a year, from Resolutions on 1st January to Remembering 2008 on the 31st December (which summarised some of the highlights of the year).  read more ...


I've been seeing mutterings around the Net for a while now about the perils of putting your content on other people's servers. Of course user generated content was one of the core concepts of the whole Web 2.0 thaang. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.  read more ...


I've been struck down by some sort of virus today. I felt vaguely sub-par yesterday but I was then woken up in the wee small hours today with a sore throat (thank goodness I still had some Strepsils left from last time)...  read more ...


And between the two today a lot has happened actually: some good, some mundane, some stressful, some just soggy...  read more ...

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