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In my last post I was talking about the problems that the Caledonian Sleeper service has been having with their new carriages but said that the Highlander service, which takes passengers from Fort William, Inverness, and Aberdeen to London, had remained on the old carriages for now.  read more ...


Caledonian Sleeper, who run the sleeper services from Scotland to London and back, really are in a mess. A while ago now they ordered new rolling stock, to replace their 30+ year old ex-BR carriages, from a Spanish company called CAF. From what I can remember it was originally due to go live last summer.  read more ...


Last weekend, being our birthday weekend, saw me heading south to Cambridge and then afterwards on to Hampshire to see the family. ...  read more ...


Now that we're back in Milton I can safely post publicly about events of the last week so here goes (photos of me by Beth throughout).  read more ...

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