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SNP Policy Development Committee - Highlands & Islands


I'm standing as a candidate for Policy Development Committee - Highlands & Islands (open list) so here's a quick bio for anyone searching for me on the Interwebs.

Vote Paul Oldham [1]

I'm a new Scot - we've been here four years now and we're never going back! I've been a campaigner all my life so it's been a joy to find a party of the left which is doing the right thing for all the people of our country and so I've been a proud member of the SNP for just over two years now.

I'm an active member of my local branch and I've been the secretary for the past year. I'm also now secretary of the HCCC.

Outwith the SNP I'm a member of Yes Nairn and before the pandemic you could find us out leafleting Nairn pretty much every Tuesday night.

I was also part of the SNP Nairnshire team leafleting and canvassing at the last EU election, at Cllr Emma Roddick's by election, and for Drew Hendry MP during the bitterly cold General Election of 2019.

I think I could do a good job in this post, making sure the interests of the Highlands and Islands are not ignored when developing policy, and my past employment means I have the analytical skills to help me do that. So if you're an H&I branch delegate then please vote for me at Conference.

Thank you.

Tags: local politics, Scotland Written 31/10/20

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