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Today I bring you two great media people in one posting. Robert Llewellyn started Llewtube a while ago now. The idea is simple...  read more ...


At the risk of turning into Alice Robert's fanboy I had a chat about her programmes to my mate Cindy last night...  read more ...


... I get to watch Dr Alice. Beth's gone off to Scotland for a long weekend leaving me to look after Jake so after going out for supper with the gang I'm now in the sofa ...  read more ...


... and all's well with the world. I've mentioned before my enthusiasm for Dr Alice Roberts ...  read more ...


Almost time for bed and I've posted nothing today. Sigh. OK, here's some snippets. I spoke to Beth earlier. She finished the West Highland Way today...  read more ...


You see, you go away for the weekend and when you get back your wife's turned from a natural blond into a redhead. Think this pic speaks for itself really.  read more ...

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