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Volcanoes and Burns' Night


We've had a rather excellent day here in Melrose. After a somewhat leisurely start (I got up at 8:45am and wandered down to the kitchen only to find no one there so I walked into Melrose to get some papers1 - there was someone up when I got back) we walked up the Eildon Hills to look at the view.

Apparently the Eildon Hills are a range of extinct volcanos. They certainly have an excellent view from the top, even though the highest is only 422m tall.

On the summit of the Eildon Hills
On the summit of the Eildon Hills

I left the rest of them to tackle the next hill along the ridge, which was slightly lower, and headed down into Melrose via another path2 to buy some Becks Blue.

Back at the hostel as the afternoon wore on the amount of activity in the kitchen increased with frantic peeling and mashing ready for the haggis and tatties that night.

Hard at work in the kitchen
Hard at work in the kitchen

It\'s a big kitchen!
It's a big kitchen!

But finally it was time so I went upstairs and got dressed up. Sadly this photo (taken on my phone camera so I could post it to Facebook and Twitter quickly) didn't come out well but you'll get the idea3.

The green suede waistcoat is one of mine from way back which, in a moment on inspiration, I'd taken with me. It goes pretty damn well with the green and blue of the Black Watch tartan.

So we all gathered together in the dining room, now rearranged for more formal dining and you'll notice I'm not alone in my kilt wearing. We kilt (and trews) wearers mainly formed a huddle together in one corner of the room!

I didn't take many more photos after that but Clare Wallace turned up (who I don't think I've seen since college) and we sat together through a great supper. Then there was dancing to a pair of old boys with accordions which was a little chaotic but great fun and between dances I had time to retire to the common room to chat with some of the other guests and have a wee dram.

All in all a great day.

PS: click on any photo above to be taken to the album where there's more pics along with a video from the walk.

  1. I also tried, and failed, to buy some Becks Blue at the CoOp.
    Her: we don't serve alcohol before 10am
    Me (holding up carton showing the words "ALCOHOL FREE" in big letters on the side) but it's alcohol free.
    Her: we don't serve alcohol before 10am

    And that was it, she wouldn't serve me!

  2. I managed to slip on the way down covering my trousers and jacket with red sandstone mud and banging my hip rather harder than I would have liked.
  3. Since I got back Beth got me to dress up in the rig again, and pose for her here. Enjoy!

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