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It's been a while since I bought a dead tree book, a combination of the large backlog of unread books and the ease of buying e-books; but today while walking through the Grafton in Cambridge I noticed a new (to me at least) remaindered books shop1 and in the window they had some Peter Robinson books.

Peter Robinson writes the Inspector Banks novels, which are now slowly being turned into two part TV dramas under the general title "DCI Banks" with the excellent Stephen Tompkinson as the eponymous detective. I've been impressed by the ones I've seen. I've also read one of the books before which I picked up second hand.

So I wandered in.

And they had eight titles in stock all at £2 each or £3 for two. Hmmm ... £12 for eight paperbacks? That seemed like a no brainer really so I offered up my credit card and loaded my knapsack with: Gallows View, A Dedicated Man, The Hanging Valley, Past Reason Hated, Dry Bones That Dream, In a Dry Season, Cold is the Grave, and The Summer That Never Was.

They still have copies of all eight if you're interested.

  1. I can't remember what they were called but the receipt says "Bestsellers Direct" and the carrier bag says "Publishers[sic] Book Clearance, Discount Bookstores". It was a couple of doors away from Millies Cookies.

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