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Tesco and the Chicken


I bought a "Willow Farm" chicken from Milton Tesco yesterday. Today Beth got it out of the fridge to roast it and got suspicious about the weight so she put it on our scales.

Tesco chicken
Here's the chicken

In case it's not clear what the problem is from that photo here's two crops (with the latter's level adjusted to make it clearer).

Tesco chicken label
the label: 2.142kg

Tesco chicken - weight on scales
the real weight including the packaging: 1.831kg

That's 15% underweight. And yes, we did check it on our old scales and got the same result.

So it should have cost us £6.10, we've been had by £1.03.

We've got nothing else for tonight's roast so it's going in the oven as I type this but I will be contacting Tesco and Trading Standards.

Tags: food, Milton Written 27/01/13

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