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Day of Failing


Full on badness today, and unfortunately I had a meeting which we'd had real problems organising so I went anyway. Probably a mistake. The initial venue had a mass of screaming children the other side of a curtain. After a while we moved to an office where the heating was on 11 (unhelpful given that the wind chill outside made it feel well sub-zero).

I don't really think I was a lot of use either to be honest. Oh well. Popped into One Stop on the way back for a reward (I was originally thinking of maltesers) and they had four packs of both Flakes and Chunky Kit Kat on special offer at £1 each ... so I bought one pack of each. My diet always goes to rack and ruin when I'm feeling shite.

I also failed to progress something I'm meant to be quoting on. And failed to finish this month's Hug newsletter. So it was a bit of a failure of a day all round really (other than the candy).

Ho hum. Ho hum. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Here too.

Tags: country park, health Written 13/02/13

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