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Taking ACTION on Seizures


I have posted this to social meeja in the past but it never does any harm to do it again. This is an excellent little video from Epilepsy Action explaining what to do if you come across someone having a tonic-clonic (aka "grand mal") seizure.

Worth a watch: you'll feel a lot less helpless if and when it ever happens to you.

Oh, and in the unlikely event that you ever come across me having a seizure I normally have the rarer tonic seizures which means I fall down/over and go stiff but I don't then have the clonic phase where you trash about.

If I ever do that1 then do note what it says at the end about there being no need to call an ambulance a lot of the time: one thing regular epilepsy sufferers apparently get a bit fed up with is returning to consciousness in an ambulance on their way to A&E. Apart from anything else it's wasting valuable resources which could be being deployed elsewhere.

  1. And I've not done so it a decade now, touch wood, as it's pretty well controlled by drugs, I just get the odd partial seizure which you probably won't even notice if I have one when you're there.

Tags: health, video Written 21/02/13

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