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Bringing People Happiness


I may not have succeeded in creating new life1 but I do seem to able to bring happiness into people's lives in other ways. Take this morning. Our Groceries icon I was in Tesco doing a quick hit and run shop and bumped into someone who subscribes to milton-chat. He was keen to tell me how he'd installed the Our Groceries app on his phone as a result of a passing comment about using it I'd made in a recent post to the list.

So here's another app which has recently started bringing joy to my life and may bring joy to yours. Tune In Radio icon The Tune In Radio app turns your Android device into an Internet radio and it knows all about all the stations I want to listen to, from the BBC to Veronica Rock Radio in Holland to Buzz Asia in London. The only station it's failed me on so far is KOZT.

I could do all this before, when at home, by turning my device into a Squeezeplayer using the SqueezePlayer app and then controlling it using the Logitech Squeezebox Controller app but that took a lot of faffing about to get started and most the time at home I'm in one place long enough that it's easier to use a physical Squeezebox or the software one on my PC.

What Tune In Radio does is mean I can very quickly get radio anywhere so long as I've got a Net connection. The only drawback is that it's going to eat bandwidth if I use it via mobile data2 but when I'm out and about then, if I want something to listen to, I have lots of podcasts stored on my phone via the BeyondPod Podcast Manager app so I normally have more than enough to listen to then.

  1. Congratulations to Tori and Rob by the way. Rob tells me he does read this blog, well he did until last Thursday anyway but he may find he's got rather less time for that sort of thing now ... ;-)
  2. And currently my monthly allowance is only 500MB as I'm a skinflint, but it does only cost me £5 a month via a recurring giffgaff gigabag. Not that I use a lot of it: typically about a third most months.

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