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A Decent Low Alcohol Red


Miranda Summer Light Shiraz I've wibbled on before to people about how, despite there being some very drinkable lowish alcohol rose wines about1 there are no reds worth drinking.

Well finally I've found one: Miranda Summer Light Shiraz. It's 5.5%ABV again, my local Tesco stock it at £4.99 a bottle and you can also get it delivered by the case, and it's rather fine. Not got the full body of a typical 13% ABV Shiraz but you still feel like you're drinking a decent enough red wine.

I wouldn't any of these as a substitute for full strength if you've got that option mind you, but for those of us who have to keep a strict watch on our alcohol intake it does mean you can glug it down with a little more enthusiasm and for me at least that's a lot more fun that sipping my way through a small amount and then having to switch to something alcohol free.

  1. The 5.5% ABV Blossom Hill Vie Rose is a particular favourite of mine, but there's others about.

Tags: food, health Written 06/09/14

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