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Derek Wynde RIP


It's the funeral of my uncle Derek this afternoon. I confess I didn't know him that well - he only came on the scene quite late in the day so I didn't grow up with him around - but it would have been good to have been there for his funeral as he was married to Margaret, my youngest aunt of whom I'm very fond.

But in these times of C-19 a long day's travel there by public transport (train and then bus or taxi), in a country where a lot of people apparently aren't wearing masks, is a perfect recipe for bringing the virus to a gathering full of old people (including my parents, now 84 and 86, and neither very well) who are going to expect hugs.

Not to mention the possibility of bringing it home afterwards.

This is the second funeral I've now missed due to this horrible disease.

I suppose I should be grateful it's not more.

Tags: RIP Written 29/10/21

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