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Testing MastoFeed


As part of my migration away from Twitter to Mastodon I've had to re-work some of the integrations between that and my web pages.

So for example whenever I tweeted a word of the day and tagged it #wotd it appeared on my web page. That was possible, although a bit of a pain, from Twitter where I had to use a third party generated RSS feed - courtesy of Zapier - to extract the tweet.

With Mastodon it's a lot easier. If you append .rss to your mastodon URL, so in my case that's https://mastodon.scot/@tallpaul.rss you get an RSS feed of your toots. This is exceptionally cool and made converting a breeze.

The second thing is that with Twitter I was using If This Then That to take any post I made here and turn it into a tweet to a separate Twitter account @wibblings1 and that's gone too.

However this being the Fediverse it's easy (touch wood) to fix as there's MastoFeed which takes an RSS feed and turns any new entry into a toot. I've set that up so it's now time to publish this post and see if it turns up on my Mastodon feed.

Fingers crossed ...


Update: will that worked. Kewl!

First toot via MastoFeed

  1. That's the only account name I really regret losing.

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