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I'm just back from two weeks away. We set off at 9:30am and got home at 9:45pm, not bad for a 600 mile journey, especially having spent an hour queuing on the M80 somewhere near Glasgow.

So I've got lots to write about which I'll probably dribble out here and elsewhere over the next few days but here's some edited highlights.

First the holidays. I had a week sailing in a 57' cutter rig sloop called "Longbow" with a bunch of people I'd never met before. We circumnavigated Mull and saw porpoises and puffins and had a jolly time. I've got lots of pictures which I'll put online tomorrow.

I got up there via the overnight sleeper to Glasgow but when I got back Beth picked me up and we headed north for a week in a cottage on the south side of Gairloch Bay where we had our own seal and more midges than was desirable. Plus rather too many ticks for Jake's comfort. I've taken video of this holiday so I'll try to put bits of that online too, but that may take a little longer.

Meanwhile the Country Park is saved. Well maybe. After the first round of interviews the week before I went away SCDC shortlisted the National Trust, Cambridge Sports Lakes, and the Cambridge Preservation Society. We (by which I mean our local trust solution) weren't shortlisted, despite me asking that they do so even if Cambridge Preservation Society stayed in the game. So that was a disappointment as I think we had a sensible solution.

But it's Somebody Else's Problem now.

Bed time approaches so that's probably enough for now. Oh, and I will rant later about Vodafone.

Tags: country park, Gairloch, Mull, sailing Written 23/06/07

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