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Lacking inspiration


Woke up at some ungodly hour this morning with a thumping migraine. After drugs (two sorts) finally kicked it I cuddled up with a bear for another hour's sleep before the alarm went off but the after effects wrote off the morning.

As I remarked earlier a blog is not a diary which means I've not got much to write about here today.

Hmmm ... what about a cartoon? This is from the excellent Jesus and Mo strip.

The strip is based on the unlikely premise that "Mo" aka Mohommed (yeah, that one, he's the one with the turban) and Jesus (beard, crown of thorns, this cartoonist is taking no prisoners) now live in a flat together in England. The cast consists of the two of them plus the atheist barmaid of the pub where they drink who speaks but is never seen. There's also guest appearances by Moses.

What makes the strip more than just a cheap pop at religion is that the cartoonist clearly knows a lot about both religions and uses the material to good effect. He's banned in quite a few muslim countries which have content filtering.

Tags: cartoons, health Written 24/01/08

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