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Up Snowdon


Well today started wet and windy ... and it's not got any better. We intended walking up Snowdon today on the "Snowdon Ranger" path. We got halfway up (600m, we'd started at about 150m) and by that time it was blowing a gale and we were on a very steep rocky section which I was finding increasingly problematic. So we turned back. Coming down the wind had increased even more so we had made the decision.

The view on the path going up, typical of the visibility

Then we met a young Austrian heading up. He was horribly under equipped: jeans, no waterproof just a fleece and a bobble hat. We suggested he turn back. He took our advice and we walked back down with him.

So we had lunch in the car and then headed back to the camp site. It was still raining.

Anyway the reason we're here is that we're participating in this Outdoors Magic meet. It's the first one we've been to and it's all a bit scary as we've not met any of the other participants before, although Beth knows a lot of them well through the OM forums. So as the evening drew on they started to turn up at the camp site.

The plan was to have supper in the pub so we went off early as we were hungry and damp. We got there at 6:30pm. The pub didn't do any decent draft ale only "click fizz" which was a shame as I was going to treat myself to a beer (I had a bottle of Newcastle Brown instead) and they didn't start serving food until 7pm. Sigh. So we nursed our drinks until 7pm and ordered. There were lots of people waiting to order by 7pm so the food took a fair while coming and was ... pretty average really. Nice pudding though.

Oh yes, and they stopped serving food at 8:15pm!

By this time other OM people had started to arrive and the rain was easing at last. Later they all decamped to another pub with more room so we popped over to say hello and then went home to bed.

Tags: Snowdonia, walks Written 25/04/08

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