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TomTom "Help Me!" Dangerous


I upgraded my TomTom One satnav to the latest firmware today and discovered some new features under a new "Help Me!" heading including a button for "Where am I?". TomTom One The idea being that when you phone 999 or your recovery company of choice you've got a written description of your current location.

An excellent idea ... in theory. I've just written to TomTom about my experience of using it at home.

The new "Help me!|Where am I?" feature reports my location as "I am on Church Lane, Girton (Cambridge)". I'm not, I'm on Church Lane, Milton, Cambridge.

What's particularly worrying about this, given that the user would be using this in an emergency, is that there *is* a Church Lane in Girton too.

The same applies to Fen Road, which is the road off which Church Lane comes. That is described as "Fen Road, Lode". Again Fen Road is a common name hereabouts so it would come as no surprise for me to discover there's one in Lode.

This is a serious safety issue and needs addressing with some urgency.

All a bit worrying really as it's a feature which you can imagine people relying on and potentially life threatening screw ups happening as a result. For example in the case about it's 6.2 miles from Church Lane, Girton to our Church Lane.

Tags: toys Written 01/05/08

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