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10pm, a very fine roast lamb summer and some Australian rosé inside me and I'm lost for words, which is not good since I'm meant to be blogging now. Hmmm ... Firefox's British English dictionary doesn't think "blogging" is a valid word. Sure there's a joke there somewhere.


Hey, that's not a valid word either. I'm on a roll.

OK, here's a web site before I give up and wander off in search of nibbles: Not Always Right is a place for people who are "customer facing" to recount their tales of doing so. It has an RSS feed. It's a bit hit and miss but worth subscribing to I think.

Aha, a PS, just found this via StumbleUpon. It will probably mean little to you unless you design web sites however, just smile and say "ha, ha, how true" and we'll still be friends.

Tags: blogging, humour, web design, websites Written 11/05/08

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