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I've just spent the whole evening trying to find a suitable application that will let my phone and my Bluetooth GPS box update my position in real time.

Navman B10 GPS My first choice, GMap-Track, which is part of the wonderful Mobile GMaps should be just the job, in fact here is my location according to that. However it's test data I pushed in directly via the API (which is why I'm apparently in the boonies somewhere - I made up the location). Updates via my phone simply don't work: it can't log on to the server.

I tried various other solutions, but didn't get any further. Some worked but didn't have an API I could hack into (I want to use the data to plot my track on my own web site), some simply didn't work at all.

In the end I gave up. I've posted something on the Mobile GMaps asking for advice and now I wait.

Tags: toys Written 13/05/08

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