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Seals, Surf ... but no Lilo


Well, as predicted the airbed search was a difficult. We ended up with a new single airbed so we've tried to convert the existing double to a single with duck tape. Whether this will work I'll find out in an hour or so.

Apart from that we drove to Ardbeg and Beth bought some expensive but, she assures me, rather fine cask strength malt. We also came across a little bay where a lot of big seals were sunbathing on the rocks. After lunch sat on the harbour wall at Bowmore we went and found a vast beach on the west side of Islay. One of the great little secrets of the west coast of Scotland is the stunning beaches you can find there. Vast and typically with very few people there.

This one had the added spice of a wooden wreck and what appeared to be a WWII mine casing embedded in the surf! We walked the length of the beach and found a big and deep rock pool at the far end. Ideal for bathing. Jake fell in it which caused a little panic as he's never swum before and Beth, being a non-swimmer too, was a tad concerned. I confess I wasn't, especially as it was clear after a second or two that Jake was swimming fine, just looking for a way to get out. I think he would have got out fine on his own but Beth grabbed his collar and helped him out.

Back at the camp site we had supper at the little café there. The second night that we've done this (it's rather windy at the moment - so not ideal for cooking) and it was again very good. Nothing fancy but freshly cooked.

And after supper I wandered back with my laptop to use their free wireless Net access to sort out a customer problem before going a third time for a nice hot shower.

The camp site, the building in the distance is the cafe and toilet block

What a great camp site1.

Anyway looks like being another cold night so let's hope the air bed technology works.

  1. Oh, and check out their puddings too!

    Pudding at Port Mor

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