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... is noisy. The one thing that's really struck us being home again is how noisy it is here. In two weeks we heard a siren twice, here we hear a siren a lot - there's always one emergency vehicle or another hammering down the A14 or the A10. And even if there isn't the roar of the A14 is always there.

Oh, and while I think about it Jenny's blogging about her voyage so here's another blog you might like to read.

I'm really looking forward to sailing on Serenity which I've not before - in fact this will be the first time I've sailed this year now I come to think about it. Serenity is a similar sort of size to Matchmaker, the Trident 24 I sail most, but it's a bit bigger and taller below which is good news for me being the height I am. It should be fun.

Written 31/05/08

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