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A long and tiring day today. It was rough in the night: the wind had turned to the East so the swell was coming into the harbour and that, along with the wind, was making the boats bounce about. We're rafted up and the boat inside us was rather loosely moored which didn't help. I woke up at 2am feeling a bit pukey so I had a sea sickness tab and watched some TV on my 770 for a bit before nodding off again.

At 6am Jenny got up and we decided to tighten the inside boat's lines as it seemed like they weren't on board (we'd bumped into them in Edinburgh the day before so we suspected they'd stayed over there - probably wanted a nice bath).

Then Jenny went back to bed "for a little while" so I thought I'd pack. I did however it wasn't until after 9am when Jenny surfaced again.

We wandered out down to the end of the harbour mouth to admire the waves crashing over the rocks and then had tea and a cheese muffin in the seamen's mission (an excellent place and open to all).

Beth turned up at about 1pm and the rest of the day was then spend plodding home down the A1.

Jenny's got crew sorted out. He's joining her at the weekend. By then the weather will hopefully have improved. Meanwhile she's going to chill out in Eyemouth for a while.

Tags: sailing Written 12/06/08

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