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Not Stopped Swaying


Well, I'm home again, but the world's not stopped swaying yet - thus is the joy of spending two days and a night on a boat. I have lots of photos to upload plus more the report but it'll all have to wait until tomorrow now as it's after 10:30pm already and I'm ready for bed.

One bit of gossip I will pass on now as I've already written about this to the milton-chat mailing list: it looks like they've had an "interesting" time this evening at the White Horse pub in my village. We were overtaken by a police car with blues and twos on as we came through the A14/M11 cloverleaf on our way home tonight. We found them again outside the White Horse ... along with two ambulance forward response 4x4s, one proper ambulance and at least another couple of police cars! This was at 9pm, so whatever incident kicked this off must have happened shortly before.

Tags: Milton Written 13/07/08

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