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Two times Two


What does two times two equal? The answer depends on who you are:

the mathematician
Four. Exactly.
the accountant
am I reporting to the board, to the bank or the Revenue? It would vary between £8 and a loss of £4.
the economist
What would you like it to equal?
the engineer
Two times two? Well of course it's seven, but call it twelve so there's a margin of safety.
the electronic engineer
two times two is either 3.9 or 4.7. If you want more accurate, you may get 4.3. But you will need to pay more.
the retired engineer
gets his slide-rule out, calculates the answer as 3.99, and approximates it to 4.
the assembler programmer
the arts graduate
I don't know sir ... would you like fried with that?

Tags: humour Written 15/07/08

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