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Labour Doing It Right


It's a real shame that it's taken so long but the Government are finally doing something right in relation to climate change. The news that they're offering free home insulation to the over 70s and those on benefits and a 50% discount to the rest of us1 really does mean they're doing something to reduce CO2 emissions rather the pussy footing about.

It should also have the welcome side effect of boosting the economy at a time when it could do with some help2.

I've got pretty sick of this government over the last few years as it's done a U turn on electoral reform, chipped away at my civil liberties in a variety of ways including one sided extradition arrangements with the US, ludicrous new "anti-terrorism" laws and knee jerk anti-knife and anti-gun measures, lost my personal data, continued to plug on with ID cards, rushed headlong into nuclear power as a "solution" to climate change, and attacked GP surgeries so it's nice to be able to say a cautious "well done" for a change.

  1. No use to us by the way: one of the first things we did when we moved in here was re-lag the loft and have the cavity walls insulated and the house already had secondary double glazing which we've slowly been replacing with more modern uPVC.
  2. Curiously it's probably bad news for firms in the insulation business though as they're going to see a boom for a while, with cowboys rushing in the grab whatever business they can, and then bust as the market dries up - after all you only have your walls insulated once.

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