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Over on virginmedia.feedback1 I asked if they could fix a missing apostrophe. This is one of the replies I got:

"Paul Oldham" <[...]> wrote in message [...] ...
> Just a little thing but over in virginmedia.announce.maintenance > we get a daily posting entitled "Todays Maintenance dd/mm/yyyy". > > I don't suppose there's any chance that someone could introduce > the program generating those to the joys of the apostrophe?
Wow. That's rather pedantic of you, isn't it? And I'm a freelance writer!

I despair.

  1. A Usenet news group on the VirginMedia news servers. If you're not a VirginMedia customer I suspect you won't be able to access them.

Tags: qotd, VirginMedia, words Written 15/09/08

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