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Heaven's Above


Well tonight I've seen a planetary nebula, a binary star system, a double binary star system1 Jupiter and its four major moons, and a globular cluster. Not bad, not bad at all. Not only that but I got fed too.

So thanks to Jenny for supper and to Paul for an introduction to his most excellent 10" reflector. Sadly our evening's fun was cut short by some alto-stratus which came streaming in from the east and didn't go away but it was still a fine evening's entertainment2.

  1. Two pairs of binary stars which are orbiting around each other.
  2. By the way, I know at least one person who worries about this stuff reads this: is it "Heavens Above" or "Heaven's Above"? I can't decide whether the exclamation is referring to the plural or it's just a shortening of "is".

Written 25/09/08

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