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All the leaves are brown ...


... and the sky is grey. I went for a walk, down to ... errr ... Milton Country Park. Damn, blown it now, that doesn't scan at all. Where's the Mamas and Papas when you really need them?

In fact the sky is anything but grey at the moment: lots of blue with some white clouds flying by1. But the leaves really are going brown, which is the point of today's posting. I took this:

Autumn leaves in Milton Country Park

with my trusty Sony Ericcson K800i in the Park. It's hawthorn leaves and they are lovely colours at the moment. They also make very pleasing shapes on the ground, which is what caught my eye too.

  1. Which is why I'm not sailing this weekend: gale force 8 expected tomorrow afternoon on the Thames. Damn.

Tags: country park, photos Written 18/10/08

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