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I came across these Barry Sheene like X-rays of my right leg today which I present for your entertainment. These were taken in August 1988 shortly before the metalwork was removed.

Front view

I'd broken my right ankle in the winter of 1985 or 1986, not sure which now. It was something called a Pott's Fracture where the foot bone breaks out of the clamp of the two lower leg bones by snapping the end of the thicker one (which they screwed back on with the large screw on the right above) and fracturing the thinner one in multiple places (hence the plate).

Side view

I did this slipping on an icy pavement in Lymington on my way to catch a train to a new job in Milton Keynes. As a result I spent the next two weeks in Southampton General and then some time hobbling around on crutches1.

The plan was to leave to the metalwork in for life but in 1988 the ankle was giving me occasional problems so courtesy of my new employer's medical insurance I had it all taken out. I've only just thrown away the screws (the plate got lost a while ago).

  1. With the pleasant side effect that it did get me a new girlfriend for a short while whose name, I have to confess, I can't remember now but if you're that good catholic girl from Camberley do drop me a line!

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On 09/01/09 at 10:27am Anna Marsh wrote:

Unless my memory fails me (which is fairly unusual), the Catholic girl was a bar maid from Lymington who possibly had a room above the pub she worked in, unless of course you were spinning me a line.

On 09/01/09 at 10:35am Paul wrote:

Well remembered. She was from Camberley but was working in a hotel in Lymington, I think as part of a hotel and catering sandwich* course back at home but I could be wrong about that.

* ho ho

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