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King's Mathematics Dinner


Yesterday I was back at King's for a Mathematic's Dinner. This seems to be a new ruse to get us back for dinner: by subject rather than year. So this time we had not just fellow mathematicians from my year like Hugo and Jonathan "Charlie" Williams but from other years like Hazel, who lives in Milton. We think the oldest member there was about ninety years old.

Hugo, Liz, Derek, Mark and Charlie at King's
Hugo, Liz, Derek, Mark (Charlie's son) and Charlie at our old table in the JCR

You could also bring guests, mainly partners of course, but Charlie brought his son Mark who is now in the third year at Cove and is already taller than Charlie and has size 12 feet! He's a very likeable and steady lad and very adult for his years. A real pleasure to sit next to at dinner time.

It was a great to see everyone and I could write much more but my brain, unsurprisingly, is thoroughly borked today so I'll leave it at that for now.

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