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We had a salesman from Scottish Power on the doorstep last week. Of course he didn't say that's what he was. He claimed that he has investigating reports that people "were on the wrong tariff".

He also claimed that Scottish Power were responsible for supply of gas in our area (they're not) but despite that he didn't know who we were buying our gas and electricity from now. He was very keen to see our bill to find out. It soon became clear that this was just an attempt to con us into switched to Scottish Power so we sent him on his way.

I wrote about this in a posting to the milton-news mailing list which I run for the village.

Today a villager turned up on the doorstep. He had had a Scottish Power salesman come to see him too and after inviting him in and listening to his spiel he had told the salesman what he was paying now. He then agreed to switch to the Scottish Power tariff because he was quoted lower prices. Sounds fine so far doesn't it?

But here's where it gets unpleasant. The salesman failed to leave written figures for the tariff he was being switched to (which he should have done) but the villager noted them down and he phoned up Scottish Power to confirm the prices. The person he spoke to didn't recognise the prices he had been quoted at all and told him the actual prices he would be charged on the tariff he'd signed up to.

Here they are:

Current Supplier Scottish Power Quoted
DD 1/4 DD 1/4 DD
GAS standard tariff - 4.440 4.502 5.101 3.8
GAS discount tariff - 3.370 3.592 4.076 3.1
ELEC standard tariff - 15.84 15.49 17.563 12.7
ELEC discount tariff - 12.58 11.046 12.144 10.8

The "DD" and "1/4" heading are for paying by direct debit or quarterly bill. But don't worry too much about the detail. What matters is the figures he was quoted and how they stack up. For a start the format. They're to only one decimal place whereas Scottish Power's real tariff is to two or three decimal places. They're also significantly under the real rates, especially for electricity on the standard tariff.

I can only conclude that he was making them up as he went along ensuring that each was less than what the villager was paying now.

This is a retired gentlemen who luckily had enough sense to double check the figures with Scottish Power. Now he's cancelled his transfer request and is waiting for Scottish Power management to phone him before he refers it to trading standards.

Frankly I think he should have done that already. It's appalling that this sort of thing is still going on and that people are being preyed upon by dishonest salesmen this way.

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On 19/02/09 at 6:50pm Michelle Parker wrote:

Where can we complain officially about doorstep lies from Scottish Power?

Having tried to interest me in a government special rate I was obviously not aware of, his last words were: "In view of your attitude, I won't bother telling you about it!"

My "attitude" was: I am busy working, can you make an appointment or write to me.

On 19/02/09 at 7:00pm Paul wrote:

Complaining to them doesn't help. I did that and was promised a reply in "five working days". I never got a reply. I think it's something like Ofcom next but I could be wrong.

On 27/03/09 at 1:44pm Nick wrote:

Just had a guy from Scottish power Knock on my door. He started his intro by saying I am not trying to sell you anything. So my alarm bells started ringing straight away. He basicly wanted me to move over to Scottish Power but could not explain to me why this was not him trying to sell it to me so I told him to bugger off. I would have used stronger language but my 3 year old was standing next to me at the time.

On 14/05/09 at 7:57pm R Dee wrote:

We just moved into a new appartmenrt. We signed up with an energy supplier, which is NOT Scottish Power. Some weeks later, we received letters (to the occupier) from Scottish Power saying that they are the supplier and giving the strong impression, that we signed up for them. We just got another letter from SP, in which they thank us ('the occupier') for signing up and asking for a first monthly installment.

This is clearly an effort to con a potential customer into a contract and we are wondering, what would be the best authority to report to this fraudulent attempt.

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