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The Washington Post is running a poll at the moment: What is your favorite webcomic of the past decade?. If you're quick you may get to vote. I already have so I got to see the results at the time I voted and what surprised me was that some of my favourites are languishing down around 1% while some I've never even heard of are way out in front.

After 273,074 votes comic strips I love which are not doing well include Jesus and Mo, Kevin and Kell, User Friendly, and Questionable Content are all in the 1% area. The last in particular really deserves to do better.

Least I Could Do and XKCD aren't doing so badly at around 7% each (although I don't think the former is a patch on Questionable Content myself).

But then there's the ones I've ever never heard of, like Hark! A Vagrant at 12% and Penny Arcade at 20%. They're currently second and third.

But the current winner by quite some margin, double that of Penny Arcade, is The Perry Bible Fellowship at 40%.

Hmmmm ... different strokes I guess.

Tags: cartoons Written 27/01/10

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