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One of the events that's happening this year is my Aunt Pauline's 65th birthday party and it suddenly gave me pause for thought: if she's 65 this year and I'm 50 then she's only 15 years older than me.

Which is odd, because in my head she's old. As are all my uncles and aunts.

I guess because when I was first sentient they were the adults that I knew. But now I think about it when I was 10 Pauline was only 25. I've got other aunts and uncles too who're even younger1 so whereas at the time it seemed that Christmas was full of adults what it was really full of was people who were barely out of their teens.

Yeah, I know, not an astounding revelation but it makes me wonder how Jamie and Rachel see the world through their eyes.

Anyway I leave you with this photo from my parent's wedding taken just over two years before I was born:

The four people in it other than the happy couple and my Grandpa Cox who's standing to the right of my mother, are but some of my aunts and uncles. Click on the photo to see lots more.

  1. My mother's the eldest of four and my dad's the second eldest of six so I've got a vast extended family.

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