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Blogging Every Day


In 2008 I blogged here every day from 1st January to 31st December and it was an eventful year, as that final post reveals.

In the penultimate posting for the year I commented about how difficult blogging every day was and explained why I wasn't going to continue.

Which makes my tentative decision to try it again for 2011 seem a little odd. Ho hum. Anyway, we'll see. Things have changed a lot since 2008, not least the rise of Facebook which means that every one of these posts is going to end up cross posted to there via the magic of RSS Graffiti. That puts more pressure on it some ways. My readership last time was tiny, this time it's potentially rather larger ... if people bother to follow the link.

We'll see. But just remember: a blog is not a diary.

Tags: blogging Written 01/01/11

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