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That Kilt


Here's a few more words about that kilt, not least to give me an excuse to post this picture of me which Beth took today and is rather better than the one of Saturday night.

That's exactly what I was wearing on Saturday except I've got my "funeral" black shoes on which look vaguely like the pukka black brogues I should have been wearing on Saturday (rather than the Keen sandals I actually wore) and the shirt is a bit crumbled as it's fresh out of the rucksack having not been folded much for the journey home.

Anyway further research confirms the sizing: there's very faint markings on the inside lining which says it's 40" waist, 24.5" drop. Kneeling down (it should just touch the floor when you do that) confirmed I was right when I measured myself a week or so ago and I really need a 26" drop.

It appears to have been made by Nicolsons Kiltmakers and, as their new prices on the Web start at £195 it looks like I got it at a good price. Shame it's not right on length as drop is not something they can alter.

So any future enhancement to this rig will have to start with a new kilt I fear, probably in Black Watch again as that's as good as any and seems to suit me (and goes with that waistcoat). Then I need a kilt pin, sgain dubh, proper hose and flashes, and some brogues of course.

Blimey, loadsa dosh.

Written 24/01/11

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