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So sadly I'm not buying Katy Ann, the Westerly Konsort I put in an offer on about a month ago now. It's a long story but essentially the survey uncovered a long list of issues and the yard estimated just over £5,200 to put them right.

The broker then told me the vendor wanted me to get the work done and make a new offer accordingly but that there was the issue of "betterment" to consider (i.e. the boat's better after I've had it fixed hence it's worth more). So the vendor wasn't just expecting me to reduce my original offer by £5,200.

That then left me in the situation where I was being asked to spend more (in total, to both the vendor and the yard) than before and to also take on the risk that the yard's final price could be higher than their estimate.

On top of that I'd since joined the Westerly Owners' Association and the general view on their mailing list was that my original offer was very generous given it's allegedly a buyer market at the moment.

So it was time to move on.

I still think the Konsort is probably the right class of boat for me: it's big enough (just) and I felt very comfortable and safe on Katy Ann. They're also the right sort of price. Now I just need to find the right one and, given they built 704 that shouldn't be hard to do as there's always lot on the market.

Tags: sailing Written 17/02/11

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