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It's taken us a while to get ready and we've had all sorts of fun and games getting them but our ducks finally arrived last night. Jemima and Rebeccah named, inevitably, after Ms Puddleduck and her sister-in-law are a pair of Khaki Campbells which is a breed with excellent egg laying potential typically producing 250-300 a year each.

Rebeccah (front) and Jemima (back)

They came from Poultry in Motion of Soham and cost £10 each.

They're now living in a pen consisting of the bottom 6' of our garden and they have a duck house where they sleep at night safe from foxes which is tucked up against the workshop.

There's lots more pictures from their first day, and some commentary, in this album.

Tags: ducks Written 30/12/04

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