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One of my biggest customers has just recruited a new person to manage their extranet. This is an extranet which The Hug created for them many moons ago and I've nursed it through numerous face lifts and re-designs as four different people have managed it.

This new guy has only been in post for a week or two and he has other responsibilities too but he asked if he could come over for a chat and he came on Tuesday afternoon and we spent a fairly frantic hour and a half going over what they had and how he might move it forward.

He was very keen to move things forward and I found his enthusiasm infectious. I do like working with people like that.

So I've been working flat out to help him and within a day between the two of us we had the first round of changes in place and a new home page live. I'm very pleased. For all sorts of reasons.

Suffering for it now mind you. But that's life.

Tags: work Written 07/02/13

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