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So today was meant to be a day of collections and deliveries: my new phone was due to be collected "some time between noon and 5pm" by UPS so it can be repaired and I was also due to take delivery of some drugs for Beth (which come in a refrigerated van as they need to be kept below 5°C). The web site of the company who deliver them for Addenbrooke's hospital told me they would be delivering "between 14:05 and 16:05".

Experience has taught me not to trust people when they give you times.

You'd think the problem was that they tended to be late. Nooooo, not that simple. Today the UPS man turned up at 11am, so a good hour before his window started. I said as much to him and he said he had been delivering to the hospice around the corner so, as he was passing, he thought he might as well do the pick up. The question I didn't ask is: if I'd not been there would he have come back when he was meant to?

Meanwhile time ticked on and I'd just finished my lunch when at 12:20 I spotted an anonymous white van with a refrigeration unit on the roof pull up outside my house. Yup, it was Beth's drugs, 1 hour 45 minutes early. Apparently he'd had three cancellations so was now way ahead of time. I asked him what he would have done if I wasn't home. "Ah" he said "I'd have to stay parked outside your house until 14:05 waiting for you to turn up". Blimey.

Anyway Jack was pleased as, because I'd woken up late and given of my lack of faith in times (correctly as it turned out), he'd only had a very short walk this morning so we went for a proper walk at 12:30 (and another at 16:30). And walking at 12:30 also meant I got to meet a different set of dog walkers which was nice.

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