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Today's annoying news, courtesy of a retweet by @robhague is that the Posterous Spaces blogging service is being shut down on 30th April and unfortunately tallpaul.org is currently a Posterous account.

If you go over there before I switch it to point to here again you'll see that it's described as "Tall Paul Oldham's ephemeral wibblings" however there's some postings on there that aren't as ephemeral as I'd like, mainly the video as it was quicker and easier to post them there and let Posterous do the work on encoding them than doing it myself and hosting it here.

So I now need to retrieve all the postings.

If you look at the announcement of the closure1 then it explains how to request a backup and says "When your backup is ready, you'll receive an email" so I've done that although no sign of an email yet2.

As someone pointed out in a comment to the original tweet is:

The lesson, again, is: Do not rely on 'social networking services' to host your content. Host yourself!

And they're right. I'm still guilty of doing this, even though I'm now recovering my content from Posterous. Just think of all the stuff I've posted on Facebook, Google+ or indeed Twitter. Most of it really is ephemeral but there is probably stuff I want to keep there and it really should be hosted here.

Anyway I suspect I'll be re-posting old Posterous stuff here over the next few days. Watch this space.

  1. Which, incidentally, I'd not seen as they've not - you know - actually bothered to tell us about by sending us an email!
  2. Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised given 1. above.

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