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Out of Context


Among the many reasons that I'm pissed off with the Lib Dems at the moment1 you can now add another: they're taking my Twitter tweets out of context.

Today I posted this on Twitter:

My Tweet about the County

  as I was annoyed by this County Council press release referring to their gritter drivers as "heroes". This is a particularly touchy subject with me. I think the word "hero" has been seriously devalued in recent times but this one really took the biscuit2.

Anyway tonight I got told my Twitter that a tweet from @BoroLibDems mentioned me. It did, it said "Local Councils Daily is out! [...] Top stories today via @PaulAtTheHug".

I was bemused so I followed their link and there it was:

Lib Dem paper.li

They're using paper.li to create a page by aggregating other people's postings and as you can see they had taken my link, but not my words, so it looks like I'm sharing the link and, implicitly, endorsing it.

Not impressed. Not impressed at all.

I have made my displeasure clear.

  1. Where to begin? Secret courts? Destroying the NHS? Tuition fees? Ignoring their own members democratic decisions?
  2. They're just doing the job they're paid for. A hero is my old scout leader Ron, who had a permanent limp and was deaf in one ear because he was blown up by a land mine at Dieppe in 1942 when he was in the commandos. Anyone who was brave enough to be involved in a military operation like that one really is a hero, not to mention living with the damage to his body for the rest of his life without complaint (I only found out the details from my father, who knew him well, he never talked about the war to us).

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On 29/03/13 at 9:55am Paul wrote:

For the record it's now 36 hours later and @BoroLibDems haven't even bothered to reply to the tweet I sent to them complaining about this. I've now asked paper.li to exclude my account from their auto-magic harvesting (which I suspect is what picked the story up as @BoroLibDems don't follow me).

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