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Verbal Tics


I hesitate to comment on other people's verbal tics because I know I've got a few myself1 but I was half listening to BBC Five Live's "Breakfast" show last Friday and heard this just before 7am. It's an interview with Maria Catalano who is the world's top woman snooker player. Take a listen:

I've come across this before and I'm sure you will have too but never quite so extreme. I rapidly lost count of the number of "you know"s but the rate she's dropping them in is amazing. I suspect it may have been nervousness more than anything else: it can't be much fun being interviewed on national radio the first few times.

  1. For example I seem to be developing a mild case of echolalia with age, something I've seen in at least one other retired gentleman in Milton.

Tags: radio, words Written 28/04/13

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On 26/05/13 at 11:29pm Graham Denison wrote:

'Yer-no' has replaced 'erm' as thinking time. But I do admit Maria Catalano has good prospects for a Guinness Book of Records entry :)

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