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My GP is very cool. I think on the quiet he's as much as a geek as me so when I emailed him asking if he could tell me what the repeated platelet count tests I've been having show he sent me all the results as a graph in a PDF using their latest software (still in beta). And here it is12:

Platelet count

It's rather refreshing that all of this has been achieved without a visit to see him, we've done the whole thing by email.

  1. I've converted it to a JPEG and removed my date and month of birth, no need to make it any easier for identity thieves than necessary.
  2. Based on other reading I've done I believe the shaded boxes show the range where the count should be but, as you can see, it slumped pretty badly shortly after I had my brain bleed in Feb 2002 and of late has been getting marginally worse. I'll probably be posting more on this in a month or so when I get the next lot of results.

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